Quick-connect couplers

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Flow-Rite Controls recently launched a line of quick-connect couplers for use in industrial, chemical, and medical / life science applications. The couplers are made of high-grade UV resistant polypropylene, non-swell Viton O-rings and 305 stainless steel springs.  These materials were carefully selected for their aversion to corrosion and acidic degradation. The couplers are also capable of gamma sterilisation.

The design allows for the highest flow rate of comparable couplers. The pressure range is 0-100 psi (7 bar), with a temperature range of freezing to 71 °C.

The product line includes multiple barbed and threaded terminations for tubing sizes from ¼” to ½” ID.  Valved and straight through versions are available.  Disconnecting is hassle free with the ergonomic push-in button. 

Exclusive keyed connection options are offered for error-proofing in sensitive applications. The push-buttons and valves are color coded so it can be easily identified as a keyed or non-keyed coupler.  Other options include private labeling and custom colors.

Flow-Rite couplers are compatible with CPC HFC12, HFC35, and HFC57 couplers.  Discounts will be applied to total annual purchasing quantities. Like all Flow-Rite products, all couplers are made in the US.