Q.series data acquisition system for high speed measurements

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Gantner Instruments Q.series data acquisition system is now available in Australia.

The Q.series has been designed for the high speed, high accuracy measurements found in demanding performance testing environments.

The modular concept of the Q.series allows the design of a system that exactly meets the needs of the application at hand.

Q.series modules can be selected based on individual sensor measurement requirements including acquisition rate (from 100 Hz to 100 kHz per channel) and input/output type (dedicated, universal, multifunction).

Modules are ‘hot swappable’ with auto-loading configurations and addressing, making system scalability and serviceability efficient and effective – at system start up or several years down the road.

The Q.series system is available with various types of housings including portable, DIN rail and 19” rack mounted options.

The Q.series product family offer an optimal signal acquisition and processing solution for all electrical, thermal and mechanical data acquisition applications.

Due to their experience in high precision measurement, Gantner Instruments have been selected to develop new technologies for use in the Wendelstein 7-x nuclear fusion reactor at the Max Planck Institute of Plasma Physics in Germany, the world’s largest facility of its type.

The custom designed measuring modules will allow measurement of strain values in strong magnetic field and temperatures as low as minus 270 degrees (3 Kelvin).