PVDF submersible pressure transducer

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The AST4530 PVDF / PTFE is a submersible pressure transducer offering a 0-30psi (0-2.07bar).

The submersible pressure sensor is designed for harsh and corrosive liquids level measurement where even stainless steel and titanium cannot survive.

The level sensor is constructed using PVDF cable, cord grip, seal and housing as well as a PTFE diaphragm. All sensor materials are optimised for compatibility for long lifespan and stability.

The PTFE diaphragm sensing pressure changes and the integrated ASIC electronics convert mechanical motion into an electronic output signal 1-5V, 4-20mA for long distance transmission or for low current consumption applications a ratio metric output 0.5-4.5V.

The AST4530 submersible transducer from Bestech Australia offers liquid and gas compatibility.

Compared to ultrasonic and radar level sensors, vapours neither foaming or reflections of the liquids will affect the AST4530 sensing element, therefore, errors and false readings are prevented as the sensor measures liquid pressure based on specific gravity.

These submersible transducers are vented to atmosphere through the cable for optimal accuracy. It features a standard 1" NPT male conduit connection, to be used in turbulent tank installations.

The AST4530 is suited to the following applications / industries:
– Chemical totes / containers
– Salt water / brine holding tanks
– Waste water management
– Process plants
– Rail-car liquid level monitoring
– Storage tanks
– Petrochemical above ground storage tanks