Pressure Sensors by Bestech Resist Corrosion

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Bestech Australia continues to offer Keller titanium versions of its pressure transmitters for use in heavily corrosive media. Pressure transmitters with titanium housing and an implantable sensor (Ø 9 mm) made of titanium make it possible to carry out hydrostatic level measurements effectively in brackish water, or even in iron chloride.  

Normal pressure sensors using a steel diaphragm can only be exposed to temperatures of up to 60°C. Otherwise, the heat-induced expansion of the oil causes so much deformation of the steel diaphragm that it will not return to its original position. 

However, the titanium diaphragm shows no deformation up to 120°C, which leads to better stability than steel diaphragms in pressure transmitters. Titanium is increasingly used to manufacture high-quality pressure transmitters that meet the most demanding stability requirements in harsh environment.