Power Supply Compatible With Smart Transmitter Units

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The 24VDC Loop Power Supply from Crystal Engineering features a low noise regulated output, and is suitable for use with smart transmitters.

Once activated, power will remain on until disconnected. Users may adjust connections simply by disconnecting and reattaching leads. The Power Hold feature automatically re-activates the circuit when reconnected within 30 seconds.

Bright multi-function icons indicate a powered loop, depleted batteries and low voltage; while two batteries provide power for up to 14.5 hours. The device works with lithium, alkaline, or NiMH rechargeable AA’s in operating temperatures between -20 to 50°C.

The included rubber boot enhances the product’s durability, allowing it to survive drops from 6 feet as well as providing a convenient attachment point. The unit is designed the 24VDC Loop Power Supply to work with the Crystal Engineering nVision Reference Recorder and 30 Series Calibrator. It is available with or without test leads.