Power Meter by Schneider offers Language Customisation Feature

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The PowerLogic PM5350 power meter is the latest addition to Schneider Electric’s range of entry-level meters. Armed with a comprehensive measurement package, language customisation, tamper-resistant revenue seals, and extensive alarm capabilities; the PowerLogic PM5350 maintains simplistic operation, installation and affordability.

Its two relay outputs eliminate the need for an additional relay switch to command circuit breakers, and its four wetted digital inputs ensure that the meter does not require external power.

A compact 44mm design makes the PowerLogic PM5350 the solution for space-limited areas such as panel instrumentation. Installation is fast with only two mounting clips, and a flexible parameter reset allow users to choose between a global or single parameter reset.

The meter offers compliance with European standard IEC 61557-12 as PMD/S/K70/0.5, which guarantees accuracy of 0.5 per cent for all measurements, and for a temperature range from -25°C up to 70°C.

Designed for applications where increased product functionality is required, the PowerLogic PM5350 offers an extensive measurement package. Its single PCB design improves the meter’s longevity, and sealable wiring covers protect wiring connections and personnel from live connections. A revenue seal secures meter settings and helps guard against tampering.