Power factor correction capacitor banks from Janitza

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Power factor correction capacitor banks from Janitza Electronics, designed for LV three-phase power distribution, are now available complete with detuning chokes, discharge resistors, internal busbar system, and HRC fusegear.

The power factor correction capacitors utilise dry, gas filled technology, and failure protection, while low loss dielectric of metallised polypropylene, PCB free, and nonflammable mineral filling with adhesive stabilisation provide reliable duty cycle, according to the Australian distributor, Westek Electronics Pty Ltd.

The new capacitor banks are available with reactive correction capacity of 150 kVAr and 100 kVAr, with individual step adjustment of 25, 50 and 75 kVAr.

The Janitza power factor correction capacitor banks can be directly installed in switchboards, motor control centres, etc, or may be housed in TS-series cabinets together with controllers and line monitoring equipment.

Also available is the Janitza Prophi series controller, providing for solid state/magnetic contactor control whereby it is possible to compensate the basic load by contactors and the fast changing load component with thyristor switches.

Adding the controller along with a Janitza DIN-rail mounting, UMG 604 Power Analyser completes the total power factor correction system, according to Westek.

The analyser is capable of providing 24/7 continuous monitoring and analysis of single and three-phase, three and four wire networks as well as providing intelligent energy management and functions as a multi-functional power and harmonics analyzer, data logger, kilowatt-hour and kiloVAR-hour meter as well as a maximum demand and PLC controller utilizing logic programming.