Position Sensor By ACE Counters Combustible Dust

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The WS12EX cable extension position sensor by Automated Control Engineering and ASM has a measurement range of up to 3 metres. In locations where combustible dust is present, the maximum allowable surface temperature of installed devices is limited to only 2/3 of the minimum ignition temperature of the surrounding combustible dust.

If there is a risk of dust accumulation, further considerations such as the smouldering point of the dust and additional temperature safety distances must be evaluated. The WS12EX series was developed to meet these safety requirements related to combustible dust.

With an IP67 rated housing, this unit features industry standard analog outputs: 0-10VDC and 4-20mA and linearity +/- 0.10 % (optional +/- 0.05 %)

The WS12EX series achieves the requirements of EX Dust Explosion-Proof, Zone 22 for non-conductive dust. The WS12EX series was designed for industries where combustible dust is present.