Plug Connectors By Phoenix Contact Are Weight-Sensitive

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By design, the Heavycon Compact plug connectors by Phoenix Contact support the trend toward ever-smaller devices in automation technology. The light plastic housing is suitable for weight-sensitive applications.

The plug connectors are available in straight and angled line inputs for diameters of 9-15 mm. Housing designs include plug, mounting, socket and coupling housing.

Along with 8-pin (500V, 16A) and 17-pin (200V, 10A) crimp contacts, a mixed contact model with four power contacts (400/690V / 40A) and two control contacts (250V 10A) is available. Mixed contact plug connectors connect different power circuits in one plug connector.

The power supply is connected via the power contacts, and sensor signals are connected via the control contacts. This enables the supply voltage to be fed in over the pin insert, which is protected against accidental contact.