PC Control in compact Bus Coupler format fits numerous applications

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The CX8090 Embedded PC is a complete PC controller that can perform many different building automation functions inexpensively and in a space-saving Bus Coupler housing.

The flexible communication options offer considerable advantages, with two Ethernet interfaces, real-time protocol performance and a direct connection to Beckhoff I/O systems for data acquisition of all signal types.

A feature of the Beckhoff building automation solution is the scalable controller line up, which enables applications to be realised exactly to the individual requirements and at an optimum cost.

The CX8090 Embedded PC offers the functionality of a PC controller and is universally suitable for use as a building, room or area controller, or as local intelligence for the control of HVAC, lighting and facades.

It has the Windows Embedded Compact operating system, 400 MHz ARM9 CPU, 64 MB DDR2 RAM and a MicroSD card, which can be extended up to 4 GB.

The CX8090 is well-suited to cost-sensitive applications where Embedded PCs with mid-range performance or higher are not necessary. It also has the benefit of having energy dissipation of just 3 W, which is evidence as to the device’s energy efficiency.

In addition, the CX8090 is ideal for integrating I/O devices: the Beckhoff Bus Terminal system and the EtherCAT Terminal system can be connected directly to the Embedded PC.

The CX8090 measures just 65 x 100 x 80 mm and offers two Ethernet interfaces: a 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet interface which is switched and enables a linear daisy-chain topology that can be configured at a low cost without additional hardware.

Furthermore, this Ethernet port enables the use of the RT-Ethernet real-time protocol for inexpensive real-time communication to the local Bus Couplers from the BK9xx0 series. In addition, the EtherCAT automation protocol can also be used, which in turn allows the real-time networking of several Beckhoff controllers.

Programming and commissioning or connection to the Ethernet network in non-real-time is possible via an additional Ethernet interface. Supported protocols include ADS UDP/TCP, Modbus TCP and Modbus UDP as a client and/or server or an open TCP/IP-UDP/IP communication.

Further, already integrated special features include a real-time clock and TwinCAT PLC HMI Web as a visualisation solution, as well as a capacitive 1-second UPS for the storage of remanent data in the event of a power failure. The controller is programmed using the Beckhoff TwinCAT automation software.

TwinCAT offers numerous PLC libraries, e.g. for basic building functions, HVAC or communication with DALI, DMX, EnOcean and M-Bus systems. The CX8000 series is also available with other bus/communication systems such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS, BACnet or OPC UA.