Oven temperature sensor makes production easy

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Pacific Sensor Technologies has released a new four-channel thermocouple oven data logger which logs temperature periodically.

To ensure a commercial oven consistently produces a quality food product, the new QuadThermoVault profiles oven conditions on a regular basis, enabling users to optimise their process, prove process control, and make corrections to a process when required.

QuadThermoVault oven temperature recorders are thermally insulated to withstand extreme temperatures. This, along with the stainless steel enclosure, allows the device to be used in applications such as powder coating cure ovens, wet coating cure ovens, batch ovens and conveyor ovens. The external thermocouple probes provide accurate temperature measurements with fast response times, according to Pacific Sensor Technologies.

The QuadThermoVault incorporates user-friendly software that easily downloads the data to a computer, where the readings may be displayed in degrees of Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, or Rankine. The software allows the user to view all data points, and even a summary of the data being viewed for calculations such as Mean Kinetic Temperature. If additional analysis of the data is needed, the data can be exported to MS Excel by the click of a button, says the manufacturer.

The new oven data logger can record up to 26,214 temperature measurements per each of its four channels. Both parts of the devices are removable from their insulated enclosures, which makes setup and data retrieval easier.

For more information contact Pacific Sensor Technologies on 1300 662720 or email sales@pacificsensortech.com.au