Online “colorControl” Measuring System Now Available In Australia

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The first online colour measuring system colorCONTROL ACS 7000 from Micro-Epsilon Eltrotec is suitable for automotive paint inspections, interior colour measurements, forensics, plagiarism detection and more.

The first operating mode measures the colour difference ΔE to the reference value. A maximum of 15 learned reference colours can be stored. The second mode measures the sample's reflectivity spectrum. The third mode measures colours and displays them in the relevant colour space (XYZ, L*a*b*, L*u*v*). The results are used to calculate CIE-xy colour coordinates for wavelengths of 390-780 nm. 

Observation characteristics such as illumination source (A, C, D65, D50, D75, E, F4, F7, F11 or customised) and 2°/10° standard observers can be adjusted. In addition, users can display and track a trend analysis of ΔE / ΔL*, Δa*, Δb* for the individual colours over any period of time. All modes support measurement speeds of up to 2kHz. The system works contact-free for a distance of up to 55mm with a measuring geometry of 30°/0°. 

The colorCONTROL ACS 7000 system supports online and offline measuring and is operated via a web browser that also displays relevant measuring parameters, including a black/white balance feature. Process interfaces such as Ethernet / EtherCAT, RS422, USB and Digital I/O are included.