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FlexPower Nodes for the Banner Engineering SureCross Wireless Network provide a versatile wireless solution by allowing a SureCross Node to operate using 10 to 30V dc line power, solar panels, or a FlexPower battery module in remote or difficult-to-access locations. A FlexPower Wireless Node and a connected sensor can be powered by a FlexPower battery module for up to five years, depending upon the application and individual power requirements. Efficient power management technology enables the FlexPower Node to briefly step up the switch power voltage to activate a sensor for a fraction of a second. After the input reads the sensing status, the switch power returns to its standby status level to prolong battery life.

“Banner’s FlexPower battery modules offer reliable, versatile power options for SureCross FlexPower Wireless Nodes, keeping remote, rotating or other challenging applications monitored for extended periods of time,” said Chris Dales, Senior Application Engineer, Banner Wireless Division. “This power management system is optimised for use with virtually all makes of sensors and is robust enough to power a wide variety of devices.” Dales adds, “FlexPower Nodes and power supplies offer an integrated solution for applications where hardwired power sources are impractical or unavailable.”

Applications. Banner’s SureCross Wireless Network was purpose-built to deliver reliable, high-performance wireless sensing to remote or difficult-to-access areas. With FlexPower Nodes and battery modules, users can use SureCross wireless sensing technology in a wide variety of challenging applications, including the following:

Monitoring fluid levels in storage vessels

Monitoring and data acquisition on rotating machinery

Remote monitoring of towers or tank farms

Manufacturing monitoring and error proofing

Notification of power outages or system status emergencies

Triggering backup power systems when needed

Monitoring end effectors or robotic arms

Barn or dairy bulk tank temperature monitoring

Security monitoring and control of remote location

Refrigerated storage system temperature monitoring

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