Nitrogen Quality Analyser For Off-shore Applications

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The XTP600 Thermo-Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer from Michell Instruments offers a solution for maintaining the quality of Nitrogen produced on off-shore platforms.

For the production of Nitrogen, the unit is calibrated to ensure optimum accuracy at 3% oxygen or oxygen-free nitrogen and air (20.9% oxygen in nitrogen). Calibration intervals can be up to 3 months apart to ensure minimal user intervention. 

The 4-20mA output range can be set independent of the calibrated range to provide signal in the area most useful to the client. Non-depleting technology ensures there are no sample cells to replace, therefore minimizing the cost of ownership.  

The analyser is suitable for use in ATEX Category 2 Hazardous Areas (when fitted with flame arrestors), has an IP66 ingress protection rating certified for use in ambient temperatures from -50°C to +60°C.