New zirconium dioxide gas analyser

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ABB has added a new gas analyser to its growing product line—the zirconium dioxide sensor ZO23 is the latest model to join the EasyLine series of continuous gas analysers.

Zirconium dioxide sensors are applied in the measurement of oxygen in pure gases, such as for air separation plants. The new ZO23 incorporates a trace oxygen sensor and is capable of detecting small amounts of oxygen, down to measuring ranges of 0-1ppm.

This Z023 sensor has for many years been associated only with the company’s high-end Advance Optima analyser range, says ABB. Now, the ZO23 is part of the EasyLine analyser range and is perfectly-suited to controlling the quality of technical gases in gas depots and for the monitoring of protective gas atmospheres.

Due to the nature of the catalytically inactive cell, oxygen can be reliably measured even in the presence of small amounts of flammable gases.

The sensor exhibits a long operational lifespan with an internal function test which checks for the functionality of the cell during operation.

Measured values and status signals can be transmitted by means of digital interfaces such as Modbus connection and Profibus DP which are available for integration into a distributed control system or PLC.