New version of Ampla MES

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Schneider Electric/Citect released the latest version of its Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software, Ampla.

To assist global manufacturing and mining companies to increase production efficiencies and return greater profits, Ampla V4.0, introduces a new Inventory module, enabling real-time visibility into production and consumption of materials.

Ampla Inventory was designed to follow the ISA 95 manufacturing standard, allowing manufacturers to gain more control and visibility of production at work centre levels, such as production units and storage zones. The module was further enhanced for mining, mineral and metal companies to support the unique inventory needs at various stages of processing, such as Mills, Stockpiles, Concentrators, and Furnaces.

This real time visibility provides mining, minerals processing and metal companies with the plant data required to respond to spot market opportunities.

Colette Munro, Senior Vice President Manufacturing Execution Systems, Schneider-Electric/Citect says, “There is a real financial impact for mining organisations to be able to visualise material in process, capturing both quantity and quality (or grade) attributes. This level of knowledge allows mines to take advantage of unscheduled spot sales, which can bring an increase of 20-30% in sale value.”

According to Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group. “Manufacturers, even in industries such as Mining, Metals and Minerals that are undergoing explosive growth, need to re-examine their automation and operations management strategies and develop plans to breakdown the remaining barriers to information visibility, collaboration, and unified plant-wide control to achieve the next level of business performance. It appears that Ampla V4.0 has been designed to address breaking down these barriers with the introduction of new tools such as an Inventory module that help provide manufacturers with the metric-based information such as key performance indicators that is needed to increase productivity and subsequently profitability.”

Ampla software connects the plant floor to the boardroom by sharing real-time data that enables all levels of management to make decisions based on the same reliable data. “Sharing plant data across the enterprise ensures strategic business decisions are being based on accurate and transparent data,” said Munro. “Sharing this data helps organisations focus on reducing waste such as excessive work in process inventory, and increase competitiveness.”