New features for water communication modules

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ITRON says it is putting new features into its water communication modules, which, when combined with mobile data collection data devices, will provide a cost-effective solution for water utilities.

Itron’s new AnyQuest Enhanced and EverBlu Enhanced wireless communication modules allow water providers to capture, store, manage and use intelligent water meter reads in a cost-effective manner.

Having access to more data will allow water utilities to better manage their assets, secure revenues, and engage customers in conservation programs.

The water communication modules transmit interval meter data wirelessly to mobile collection devices in the field.

Water providers require proper meter sizing to manage assets and ensure the revenue stream.

The Itron’s new datalogging features allow utilities to detect which meters in their system are either too large or too small based on the volume of water flowing through them.

Timely access to this data improves utilities’ supply network efficiency and helps provide accurate invoices.

The modules also allow utilities to monitor their systems for fraud and meter tampering, and avoid the human errors associated with manual meter reading.

Another feature is a double time-of-use index that allows utilities to store a consumer’s consumption both within a day interval and at a specific period of the year. This data can expose abnormal water usage and help utilities encourage customers to reduce water consumption at times when demand is high.