Nano-Positioning Stages With High Repeatability

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The ANT130-XY stages from Aerotech allow travel in two dimensions with a low profile of 85 mm. With high resolution (1 nm), repeatability (75 nm) and accuracy (250 nm) per axis, the stages support all applications that require nano-positioning performance.

Stages use Aerotech’s advanced direct-drive technology and crossed-roller bearings to achieve zero hysteresis, enabling accurate and repeatable motion in both the X and Y dimensions. All travel options (60 mm x 60 mm, 110 mm x 110 mm, 160 mm x 160 mm) come with the 85 mm profile height.

Engineered for critical elements such as orthogonality, straightness and flatness to be optimized, its integrated cable management system is designed to minimize drag forces.

Stages be combined with other Aerotech ANT series products – such as vertical lift stages, direct drive rotaries and goniometers – to create high-performance multi-axis nano-positioning systems.