MX5 tool grinder

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The recently launched MX5 tool grinders is positioned in the middle of the ANCA range, between the entry level FastGrind and the larger TX series.

ANCA has included the most important features of the MX platform – whilst still designing a lower cost machine. The machine has been designed with the volume producer in mind, but also has the flexibility to easily manufacture mixed batches.

The stability and power has been included to cater to endmill manufacturers and a range of other tool grinding requirements. However, costs have been reduced compared to the premium MX7 by altering features not required by all users.

These include the reduction of the number of wheel packs from 6 down to 2. This has meant the creation of a precise, flexible machine that is affordable to more customers.

A major contributor to accurate tool grinding is the precise positioning and repeatability of the grinding wheel. The high end ANCA MX Series and TX Series tool grinding machines feature superior accuracy, stability and rigidity.

This is in part due to the fact that the grinding wheel and spindle are supported in the machine by a huge casting called the bi-symmetrical gantry. Evenly straddling the tool centre line, the spindle gantry provides the rigidity required for producing consistently accurate tools.

This design also allows the grinding wheel to remain very close to the C axis pivot point. This configuration produces the highest levels of profile accuracy for tools requiring substantial 5 axis movements, such as corner radius, or ballnose endmills.

ANCA's challenge was to bring this design to a wider audience. Volume end-mill producers work to very tight profit margins, and although impressed by the MX7, they required a simplified machine at a more economical price.

The new MX5 has all the rigidity, stability and accuracy characteristics of the proven MX7, all at a lower price.

ANCA achieve this by using a lower powered spindle (26kW-MX5 vs. 38kW-MX7) and fewer wheel packs (2-MX5 vs. 6-MX7).  This is suitable for many customers' requirements and is still an appropriate specification for grinding the majority of cutting tools of up to 16mm (5/8”).

ANCA ToolRoom 2012 software includes an endmill wizard and intelligent, integrated 3D graphics simulation.

RoboMate is a high capacity and compact loader option available on the MX5 for production or resharpening. The user enters how many of each tool to make and RoboMate figures out the rest. It also has a loading time of 15 seconds.

The MX5 can be fitted with similar accessories to the MX7 such as the Pop Up steady, White stick and Wheel dressing.  The machine has a spindle peak power of 26kW/34HP.