MultiCELL transmitter/controller enhanced

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The modular multi-channel MultiCELL 8619 is designed with standard functions and extension modules, to customise the transmitter/controller to specific application needs and connected sensors.

A new extension module has been released, as a new signal input board that can be used for direct connection of two additional digital-input flow sensors, and two additional analogue-input measurement devices.

The new signal input board features two 4-20mA signal inputs for any type of transmitter with a suitable signal output, such as measuring pressure, level, or water chemistry parameters including turbidity, oxygen, free chlorine, ozone, etc. These analogue inputs can be locally altered to 0 … 5 V or 0 … 10 V inputs.

This board opens further new opportunities. By using the analogue inputs as, for example, external set points further functionality is achieved. The board is also equipped with two digital NPN and PNP transistor inputs for the connection of transmitters with frequency output, such as flow transmitters. Alternatively the digital inputs can be used as contact inputs to trigger selected functions of the 8619.

The Type 8619 transmitter is delivered pre-commissioned, with the user parameterising inputs, and selecting scaling and units as required.  All standard units for pressure, temperature, flow rate and many other types of measurements are available. In addition, a free text for a physical unit of a measurement value, such as “Brom ppm” can be defined.

On top of the standard functionality, the 8619 MultiCELL transmitter/controller can be equipped with up to six I/O boards in a free mix of board types, making it suitable for complex tasks. This is extended by a maximum of six parallel and independent operations, freely selectable from a valid functions list. Often used functions are built for simple selection and use.

Optional software packages allow additional adaptation to individual applications. Users benefit from this customised functional range by paying only for the features actually needed. Since the MultiCELL is a device for many different applications and a large range of sensors, such as analytical up to flow rate measurement, the costs for employee training as well as warehousing and maintenance of different device types and variants are reduced.

The new signal input board for Bürkert MultiCELL modular multi-channel transmitter/controller Type 8619 features:

  • Connections for up to 4 additional sensors
  • Two 4-20 mA or voltage analogue signal inputs for any type of transmitter
  • Two NPN and PNP digital signal inputs for transmitters with frequency output or to be used as contact inputs
  • Optional choice of all important measuring units, such as bar, mbar, pa, psi, °C, Fahrenheit, K, m, cm, mm, ft, ppm ppb, %, l/min, l/s, m3/h, gallon/min, etc.
  • Freely definable text for units that are not included as standard