Module for VersaMax Micro controller

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GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced the availability of a new module for its VersaMax Micro controller that can be used for a range of temperature monitoring and controlling jobs.

A unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, GE Fanuc says the new module, dubbed the VersaMax Micro Thermocouple(Type K, J, E, S, T, B or N)/Millivolt (-/+ 50mV or 100mV) Expansion module offers productivity and flexibility in a cost effective solution.

As productivity demands and cost pressures increase, the VersaMax Micro and its accompanying modules provide a perfect solution to meet needs in discrete and process applications, says GE Fanuc.

“The VersaMax Micro surprises some people because there is so much capability packed into such a small package,” said GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms controllers product manager, Bill Black.

“The flexibility of this module really provides a cost-effective solution for companies. The wide range of thermocouple types supported enables the user to solve a large variety of applications at an affordable investment.”

There are two module types available, four thermocouple inputs and two analog outputs expansion module and four thermocouple inputs and no analog outputs module. The new modules can also be used with the QuickPanel control as a low cost I/O solution.

Packaging and assembly applications requiring temperature control for sealing products, oven control, product curing, PID control, weighing product in food packaging, and process control will benefit from the quality construction and cost-conscious value.

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