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Rockwell Automation extends its Modular Control System (MCS) product range with three new miniature components–the 100-K contactor, 700-K control relay, and 193-K bimetallic overload relay.

The new additions to the miniature component range provide industry with an ultra-compact contactor/overload relay assembly that is flexible and easy to assemble.

The 193-K bimetallic overload relay mounts directly onto the 100-K contactor, allowing compact, custom starters to be assembled quickly and easily. The total ‘MCS Mini’ assembly occupies the smallest possible footprint, and is ideal for use in small machines, industrial white goods, HVAC systems, and a myriad of other applications.

Rated to 690V, the 100-K contactor and 700-K control relay feature a new snap-in assembly system, allowing many different contactor configurations to be created. In addition, an IEC-rated front-pluggable mechanical interlock for AC and DC contactors allows the mounting of auxiliary contacts and suppressors on top, without the need for tools. Bifurcated, self-cleaning auxiliary contacts, provide a four-way current path, and guarantee high contact reliability for low signal levels.

The 100-K and 700-K miniature components are also available with a unique push-in termination technology, offering considerable time savings in wiring, plus improved long-term connection integrity in high-vibration environments. Modular wiring kits save time in building starter combinations. Both components feature wide-range coils and their low coil power consumption allows them to be driven directly from a PLC.

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