Maxon Motors’ EtherCAT Compatible With a Range Of Drive Systems

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The digital positioning controller EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT meets the high demands of synchronised multi-axis system positioning in real time. The EPOS3 possesses a wide nominal power supply voltage range from 11 to 70 VDC and delivers a continuous output current of 10 A during acceleration and deceleration. 

Designed for DC and EC motors with a power range up to 700W, it provides uniform running for motors equipped with incremental encoders. The EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT easily integrates as slave into real-time EtherCAT protocol-based Ethernet networks. 

A multitude of operating modes allows efficient, flexible use in a wide range of drive systems in robotics, automation, and mechatronics. The EtherCAT master calculates the trajectory points and sends the target parameters cyclically and synchronous via EtherCAT network to the EPOS3. 

Digital inputs/outputs (11/5) can be configured as reference or limit switch. Additionally, analog inputs/outputs (2/1) are at free disposal. Tailored for servo motors, the EPOS3 70/10 EtherCAT offers built-in motor filters with motor chokes for EMC-conform operation. Prefabricated cables and perfectly matching accessories help to make installation and commissioning easy.

A USB 2.0 port is available for commissioning and diagnostics.