Magna 3 with Grundfos Direct Sensors inside

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The pump industry is a highly competitive high volume industry going through a transformation due to regulatory requirements for higher efficiency and customer requirements for efficient and more intelligent solutions.

With more than 200 models, additional functions and high energy efficiency, the Magna3 covers a wide range of applications in heating, ventilation and refrigeration services as well as industrial applications.

With an energy efficiency index (EEI), under the Best-in-class benchmark of 0.20, the Magna3 is more than just EuP-ready.

This is achieved by the advanced motor design with a permanent-magnet rotor and the realignment of the hydraulics through the intelligent AutoAdapt function using our self-developed Grundfos Direct Sensors technology with self-adapting characteristics.

The Magna3 delivers capacity, which can otherwise only be achieved with much more expensive dry-running pumps. In addition, by the thermal decoupling of the control unit the Magna3 is appropriate for temperatures between -10 ° C and +110 ° C, and is therefore also suitable for cooling applications.

Installation and optimum operation can be facilitated by the intelligent AutoAdapt function. In addition, limiting the flow of the pump is possible either as FlowAdapt control with self-adapting characteristics, or via the switched FlowLimit function in conventional types of control.

Another feature is the possibility to detect the amount of heat by using in conjunction an external Grundfos Direct Sensors sensor.