Low-flow cut off and new digital input for insertion mag flow meter

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Bürkert has re-engineered its insertion electromagnetic flow meter Type 8045 to deliver more features for modern processing environments. 

Type 8045 now offers a cut-off feature, designed to optimise use in low flow applications. This function allows the operator to set a lower limit, under which the measurement value is set as zero. This parameter feeds through to display, totalisers, outputs and downstream process conditions.

A digital input added to the 8045 electromagnetic flow meter, menu-configured, has been also included. This allows control system initiated reset of totalising functions, HOLD mode go-to, zero-point calibration, and other functions. This feature has been added to facilitate remote control capabilities, via site control systems.

The extension of remote monitoring and control functionality in the 8045 magnetic flow meter reflects wider Bürkert trends to utilise expanding mobile technologies for simple and cost effective process monitoring.

Use-based optimisation has also occurred, with a new adjustable backlit display for reading and programming in dim conditions. The reengineered 8045 mag flow meter features integrated diagnostics to support local operation, with a simple and conspicuous green / orange / red LED status indication.

The 8045 electromagnetic flow meter is an all-purpose unit with no moving parts, making it suitable for demanding processes including those with particulate contamination.

Processes must be conductive, measuring > 20µs, and up to 400mm process pipe diameter. Electromagnetic flow meters, also known as magnetic flow meters, use the principles of Faraday’s law with proportional mathematical algorithms to derive flow rate and flow volume.

Insertion mag flow meters poke a sensor finger with integrated electronics into the process flow, rather than replacing a portion of the pipework as full bore mag flow meters do.

Insertion mag flow meter types have therefore proven advantageous where the extreme accuracy (~0.5%) of a full bore mag flow meter is not required and ~2% accuracy will suffice. Where an insertion mag flow meter may be used, up to 75% cost saving and far simpler installation and servicing result.

The Type 8045 mag flow meter is used in the water treatment industry and water applications, as well as cleaning in place (CIP) systems.