Low Cost Electro-Pneumatic Transducer

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Series EPTA Electro-pneumatic Transducer converts an analogue input signal to a linearly proportionate pneumatic output by modulating its control valves to regulate branch pressure.

All models incorporate two low voltage valves, an integral in-barb filter, an analog 30-psi (200kPa) gauge, an anodized aluminum manifold, and brass barbed fittings. The EPTA offers adjustable span and offset as well as manual override. This unit has no air consumption and is immune to mounting orientation. Field selectable output pressure ranges and input signal ranges ensure single unit compatibility with most systems.

The standard models maintain branch pressure on power loss while the Fail-Safe models will drop the branch pressure to 0 psi (0kPa) on power loss alleviating the need for an external pneumatic safety switch. Mounting configurations include a metal bracket mount and snap-track mount. The A-400 DIN Rail Mounting Kit is also available for the snap-track mount model.

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