Light curtain safeguards danger zones

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Pilz has expanded its offer of light barriers for safe access to danger zones with the launch of a new Safety Light Curtain model featuring advanced configuration, multifunctional capability and no dead zones.  

According to Pilz Managing Director Scott Moffat, the PSENopt Advanced can be manually or software configured for standard, blanking or direct muting capability, with the bonus of cascadability, meaning that one light curtain can be used for many functions.

“Given this flexibility, the PSENopt can be adapted to any application environment,” said Moffat.

The PSENopt offers greater programming flexibility in ACM (advanced configuration mode) using an Ethernet interface adaptor and the free to download PSENopt Configurator software.

In this mode up to five fixed blanking zones can be set, and the number of floating blanking beams is selectable.  Muting options can also be set including cross beam, parallel beam, muting period and override.

The Ethernet interface module also provides for Cloning, and Remote Monitoring/Logging so repeat configurations can be faster and fault-finding easier for maximum up-time.

Online the status of individual beams, the safety outputs (OSSDs), muting and blanking can all be monitored and logged.

PSENopt Configurator software can be used online or offline and there are three levels of password protection to ensure safety configurations cannot be tampered with by, for example, maintenance engineers using the software for online diagnostics. 

When using several PSENopt Advanced light beam devices at the same time, the visual coding prevents the light barriers from impairing one another. This in turn increases the flexibility in terms of installation.

The light curtains can be manually configured via a stylus and three recessed membrane soft keys to basic configuration mode. LEDs are used to aid configuration, as well as alignment, and to provide advanced diagnostics once the light curtain is commissioned.

With the top and bottom beams located at the extremes of the receiver/transmitter, there are no dead zones. This not only enables the devices to be fitted into tighter spots but also provides increased protection. 

The Pilz Light Curtains can also be butted directly up to each other and cascaded where greater than 1800mm protected profile is required without any loss of protection.

The new Pilz Advanced range consists of 33 types covering Type 2 hand (30mm) and Type 4 finger (14mm) and hand (30mm) resolution, at protected heights ranging from 300mm to 1800mm, with operating range of 0.5 to 20m.  Reaction times are as fast as 11.9ms.

Pilz offers an accredited Stop Performance Monitoring test service to assist users in determining the correct safe distance at which light curtains (and other safeguarding measures) must be placed in accordance with safety regulations.