Leak Tester With Extensive Calibration Options

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The FCO750 Differential Pressure Decay Leak Tester from Furness is designed with advanced features for complex leak testing applications. Its front panel graphic and alpha-numeric display enables technicians to achieve optimum test cycle time with high certainty.

Adjustments can be made to each phase of the test cycle (i.e. pre-fill, fill, stabilise, test and vent), and the STEP control feature enables the length of each phase to be adjusted and tested before the next phase begins.

The FCO750 also supports bar-code technology, making it possible to automatically match or sequence the pre-set test cycle when there are different parts randomly presented for leak testing on the same station.

Standard testers will log up to approximately 10,000 test results for later analysis on a PC, while a USB memory stick option will enable millions of test results to be saved ‘on board’.

Furness F-BUS Utility software enables remote programming of all testers, with results uploaded from the FCO750 available for display in a variety of formats. User choice of communications includes RS232, RS485, Ethernet and USB.

Programmable electrical I/O is standard, and an option for five independently programmable pneumatic outputs is also available. Pressure test ranges are from -100kPa to +300kPa (-1 to +3Bar or -14.25 to +43psi).