Intuitive Interface For Banner Engineering Fibre Amp

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Banner Engineering’s DF-G1 Expert Dual Display Fibre Amplifier is designed for stable sensing performance. It features a dual display, two bright digital readouts and an improved fiber clamp; allowing Banner to effectively serve a diverse range of plastic and glass assembly applications.

Along with its intuitive interface, the DF-G1 also maximises user control by providing full manual manipulation of all operating parameters; including switch point threshold, various output timing functions, electronic gain level and sensor response speed. Users can also implement one of six Expert TEACH and SET methods to ensure optimal gain and threshold selection for each application.

The DF-G1 is powered by a 32-bit microprocessor with a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter, providing versatile response speeds of 200 µs to meet high-speed requirements. Additionally, the amplifier is capable of long range (2 ms) and extra-long range (5 ms) detection.

Thermally stable electronics minimise warm-up drift and enables multiple amplifiers to be mounted side-by-side with no reduction in the ambient temperature limit. Inherent thermal stability also provides cost-saving advantages by reducing machine start-up time and eliminating production delays due to ambient temperature changes.

Banner Engineering offers a broad array of SteelSkin, high-flex plastic and glass fiber optic assemblies for mechanically challenging or high-temperature installation.