Input/output modules achieve faster speeds

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Rockwell Automation has introduced new high-speed Input/Output (I/O) modules for its ControlLogix programmable automation controller (PAC) platform that enable faster machine speeds in a range of discrete applications.

The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 24vdc I/O modules, used with the ControlLogix 5570 family of PACs, can improve total System Response Time (SRT) through new hardware technology and peer-to-peer communication capabilities that  reduce the time it takes for modules to communicate with the controller.

Since SRT equates to the time required for input module response, controller processing and output module response, reducing I/O latency results in higher machine speeds for increased parts production.

For even faster performance, the new modules also function in peer-to-peer mode, bypassing the controller entirely by establishing in-chassis connections that allow I/O modules to communicate directly with each other.

Shifting task management to the I/O modules can relieve a controller of the overhead required to process and direct I/O modules, helping improve reliability in program execution and throughput. In peer-to-peer mode, input to output response time can be less than 100 microseconds.

The peer-to-peer capabilities are suitable for applications with fast detect-energise sequences, such as high-speed parts rejection.

The ControlLogix 24vdc I/O can be used with the ControlLogix 5570 PAC or any other Rockwell Automation programmable controller.