In-situ sensor convenience with the power of an analyser

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An oxygen sensor that provides faster measurement and more accurate data is always going to be of interest to the chemical industry. If it also has a significantly lower cost of ownership compared with other systems, it makes it an attractive proposition.

Mettler Toledo's GPro 500 TDL sensor represents a leap forward in oxygen gas sensors. It features easy installation, and requires little or no maintenance.

Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) gas analysers are an improvement over extractive analysis systems. Firstly, no sample extraction or conditioning is necessary. Secondly, they are immune to interference from moisture, dust or background gases. And thirdly, they exhibit very low drift.

Mettler Toledo has combined TDL technology with their expertise in industrial application analytical instrument design, to create a probe that delivers the convenience of an in-line sensor and the level of measurement confidence of a top line analyser.

Other TDL gas solutions are of a cross-stack design, meaning that the receiver must be positioned directly opposite the laser source. This causes installation difficulties and requires regular, troublesome realignment.

The GPro 500 incorporates a probe that reflects the laser beam back to the receiver in the sensor head, therefore alignment is never required. And because the laser beam travels twice through the gas stream, the optical path length is doubled, resulting in more accurate O2 measurement.

Mettler Toledo’s Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology adds to the features of the GPro 500 by incorporating predictive diagnostics that continually assess the optical path quality and indicate when cleaning is required, before measurements are affected.

Other than yearly verification and occasional cleaning of the optics, no other maintenance is required. The GPro 500 can be left to provide real-time, continuous, accurate O2 measurements, enhancing process safety at all times.