ILME Series Connectors Enhanced With Crimp Contacts

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The MIXO series from ILME has been enhanced with a new insert, suitable for currents up to 100A. Additionally, the series has been fitted with CG series crimp contacts featuring several benefits over conventional screw contacts including high corrosion resistance. This insert design ensures a quicker fitting and removal of crimped contacts.

The plates provided firmly fasten the contact holder and once connected, the connection is totally secure and extremely resistant, even to the most severe stresses such as vibrations. The contacts can be removed without having to use any special tools but by simply using a screwdriver.

The MIXO series uses a system of modular units for special applications that use the traditional ILME enclosures. The modular structure system makes it easy to access a series of contacts inserted in the frame without having to disassemble the entire connector.

The use of standard die-cast aluminium enclosures with degree of protection IP65 provides the possibility of multiple applications.