ifm Efector Pressure Sensors Now With IO-Link

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The latest pressure sensor from ifm efector now communicates all data via switching outputs or IO-Link 1.1.

Process data and diagnostic information are transmitted using a standard cable. Parameter setting of this PN7 type pressure sensor also uses the IO-Link communication technology. An IO-Link master saves the parameters of the connected sensor and transmits them when the sensor is replaced by a device of the same type. 

If the IO-Link function is not used, then the pressure sensor operates – as before – with two switching outputs (SIO mode) or a switching output and a diagnostic output.

Additionally, the sensor features a very high switch point accuracy. The overload-protected ceramic measuring cell even withstands more than 100 million switching cycles. Different versions with pressure ranges between -1 and 600 bar are supplied at a good price/performance ratio.