ibaInSpectra Expert released

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ibaInSpectra uses the broad connectivity of ibaPDA-V6 and iba hardware.

Due to its scalability, it is suited equally well for the use in small standalone machines as well as in larger automation structures that are characterised by various different types of equipment and controllers.

As it seamlessly integrates into ibaPDA-V6, vibration data along with other relevant machine and process data such as analogue and video signals can be acquired centrally and put into context to each other.

Hence, not only the pure vibration analysis for a single machine can be achieved, but also the detection of vibration effects on process stability and product quality.

Unlike ad-hoc Condition Monitoring systems, ibaInSpectra monitors and analyses the sensor data continuously in real time.

Negative trends as well as other significant or unusual data correlations can be detected early in the process thus facilitating condition based predictive maintenance to be carried out.

Critical conditions or exceeded limit values can be alerted immediately, which contributes significantly to protecting man and machine.

The FFT view display contains all standard views like waterfall, frequency band, current value tables and time domain trend.

Any desired frequency and its Harmonics can be followed in the display via freely definable markers which is of particular interest in case of dynamic operating states of a plant or machine.

ibaOceania has released ibaInSpectra Expert.