Hydrostatic level measurement in hazardous areas

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The new hydrostatic submersible pressure transmitters from ifm efector have ATEX, IECEx and GL approvals and are especially suitable for hazardous areas. Additional advantages for the user include easy integration in the application, high resistance and long-term reliability.

The new ATEX submersible pressure transmitters from ifm efector allow easy, reliable and low-cost level measurement in hazardous and marine applications for the following reasons: a stainless steel housing, FEP cable and ATEX approval for group 1, category M1 and group II, category 1G and 1D as well as IECEx and GL approvals according to environmental category C, F, EMC 1 ensure very flexible and versatile use of the PS2-series transmitter.

It also features longitudinal water resistance; no water can penetrate the transmitter if the cable is damaged. This makes it a reliable solution for level measurement in containers, tanks, wells, streaming water, drill holes and waste water plants. In many different applications the transmitter measures levels with an accuracy of 0.5% and a long-term stability of 0.2% per year.

The available pressure ranges enable measurement of filling levels of up to ten metres of water column. The analogue 4…20 mA output signal and the two-wire technology allow for the submersible transmitter to be integrated into an application in a cost-saving and rapid manner. The pressure transmitters are supplied with fixed cables at no extra cost, lengths available are 5m, 10m or 15m.