Hurll Nu-Way now supply GE Compression Roots Blowers

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Hurll Nu-Way has now become an authorized distributor of GE Roots blowers in Australia and New Zealand.

GE have recently acquired the Dresser Roots blowers – the manufacturer who designed the original ‘Roots’ style blower – and have announced the Dresser business’s integration into GE’s Energy Services and Power & Water business units.

The GE Roots range includes 2 and 3 lobe bowers, single- and multi-stage centrifugal compressors and control systems all designed for top performance and minimal maintenance. Exclusive WHISPAIRTM design of 3-lobe air and gas blowers allow equalising pressure pulses, reducing shock wave intensity by up to 40%. It means lower energy consumption, lower noise and longer life of equipment.

EASYAIR®X2 Factory Blower Package System – produced for pressure or vacuum applications – provides simple, on-site installation. Three primary lines of Centrifugal compressors will help tailor a design solution to most efficiently handle your application.