Honeywell Gauge Enhanced With Auto-Test Feature

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Honeywell offers key enhancements to its 854 Servo level gauge, which is now equipped with a Servo Auto Test feature. This solution has been approved for Safety Integrity Level-2 and 3 (SIL-2 / SIL 3) applications, increasing the gauge’s diagnostic coverage.

The updated gauge provides high-accuracy level measurements in bulk storage tanks during inventory control and custody transfer applications. This provides oil and gas facilities with an updated tank solution that ensures safety, regulatory compliance and cost-effectiveness.

The new patent pending Servo Auto Test feature can be used in overfill protection loops that require SIL-2 or SIL-3 solutions to prevent any spillage, complying with safety and environmental standards. Additionally, the Servo Auto Test solution can be loaded onto all existing 854 Servo units with a simple software patch.

The increased diagnostics of the 854 Servo level gauge allow it to detect failures inside the gauge or application and report this to higher-level systems for further action, mitigating the possibility of mechanical failure.

When compared with other tank level solutions, the 854 Servo level gauge can significantly reduce operational costs by 15%. With a Safe Failure Fraction rate of more than 99 percent, the gauge’s diagnostics features can extend the device’s safety proof-test intervals to five years, depending on the application.