Heavy-duty compressed air nozzle

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Exair is now shipping a new 1 ¼-inch super-specced compressed air nozzle with 12 times the blowing power of ordinary nozzles, according to the company.

The Super Air Nozzle delivers 9.4 pounds (4,252 grams) of strong blowing force when mounted 12 inches (305mm) away from the blowing target. The force is more than 12 times that of ordinary air nozzles, making it ideal for blowing heavy materials or for applications where the air nozzle can’t be mounted close to the surface to be blown off, dried or cooled.

The compressed air is ejected through a series of holes located in recessed grooves on the nozzle surface. The aerodynamic design directs the air to a single point of convergence, delivering a concentrated stream of high velocity airflow with hard-hitting force, according to Exair. This assures safe operation since the airflow that exits the nozzle cannot be blocked, as required by OSHA standard 1910.242(b).

At 80 PSIG, the air consumption is 188 SCFM. The typical sound level reduction from ordinary open pipe is 27 dBA, bringing the noise to acceptable levels required by the OSHA maximum allowable noise exposure standard 29 CFR 1910.95(a).

The zinc aluminium alloy construction makes the Super Air Nozzle suitable for rugged industrial applications. A 2-inch (51mm) hex body is provided for easy installation using a standard wrench or socket.

Applications include ejection of heavy parts, drying, machinery and parts cleaning, chip removal, liquid blowoff, and cooling hot parts. Contact Compressed Air Australia Pty Ltd on or visit caa.exair.com