Harmony XB5R wireless and battery-less pushbuttons

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Schneider Electric’s Harmony XB5R range of wireless and battery-less pushbuttons have been designed for applications across the industrial, building and infrastructure sectors, and can provide a 20 per cent saving in installation time and costs.

Installing a new hard-wired control on a machine requires the consideration of a number of elements such as the length of cabling required, how to best run cables through ducts and most importantly, the cabling of the pushbutton itself. However, by utilising the new Harmony XB5R wireless and battery-less pushbuttons, it is only the receiver that requires cabling within the control cabinet.

The Harmony XB5R allows for wireless operation of a relay (receiver) through a pushbutton (transmitter) allowing the control of machines for distances of up to 25 metres. Equipment operators have the added option to send a one-time radio message to one or multiple receivers, or sync up to 32 pushbuttons with just one receiver.

This technology allows operators to be mobile or to have controls mounted onboard a vehicle such as a trolley or truck.