Grundfos unveils innovative differential pressure industrial transmitter

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Grundfos already has a successful differential pressure transmitter. Why develop a new one?

Customers have asked for an alternative solution to the 3 wired transmitter with vertical mounting.

They needed a more cost-effective way of integrating the Differential Pressure Industrial (DPI) on the pump and with only 2 wires for pumps, where grounding is not required or obtainable.

One of the pump specialists involved in the early development came up with the idea, why not screw it directly into the ½” BSPP connection, which a lot of Grundfos pumps have.

So now customers have the option of an in-situ positioning of a differential pressure transmitter on the suction side of the pump with only one capillary tube to the discharge.

Grundfos also enables the measurement of both differential pressure and temperature using only one transmitter eliminating double mounting and connectivity.

Grundfos validated it to a measuring range of up to 16 bar/160 meter, as they have seen this requirement increase from 10 bar from the commercial building segment.

Customers have also requested the option for water approved sealing (EPDM) as well as their oil-in-water robust (FKM) standard and this is being offered.

The NEW DPI – the industrial differential pressure transmitter from GRUNDFOS Direct Sensors.Grundfos Direct Sensors now has a new Differential Pressure Industrial transmitter, which can be separated in two main categories based on measurement type and sealing as shown in the table alongside.