Functional surge logger

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Weidmuller has released its Varitector Logger 30 to register and document large current pulses as well as the frequency and time of the incidents.

The plug and play Varitector Logger 30 counts the current pulses greater than a set threshold value which are discharged by PE conductors on surge protection devices. Any lightning strikes and surge voltages are continuously recorded. Each measurement is issued with a time stamp accurate to the hour and both the time and date of their occurrence are recorded.

Using this information, engineers can design and implement appropriate systems as well as tweak existing ones to ensure they are continuously functioning at optimal levels and protected against surges. Maintenance staff can verify installed units and forward plan routine maintenance tasks.

For accurate measurement of currents, the Varitector Logger 30 features an external sensor with a ferrite toroid. Clipped to the earth cable, it detects current peaks on the PE conductor which can be caused by events such as a lightning strike.

The date and time documentation allows the user to historically document incidents to help determine the cause of the surge. The memory of the device is large enough to ensure comprehensive documentation of data. A two-line LCD display provides visualisation of current/ incident data. Plus, the buttons on the device allow the menus to be navigated.

The Varitector Logger 30 also features a standard internal CR123A replaceable 3-V battery with at least a four-year service life. This allows the device to be connected to the mains at all times.

A suitable complement to Type-II and Type-III VPU surge protection devices, the Varitector Logger 30 can be installed on the terminal rails in almost every switch cabinet via its plug and play housing.