Flow Meter For Single Or Dual Rotor Turbines

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The ExactComp EC80 Flow Computer and Signal Processor now serves as the engine for all COX turbine meter products. The unit’s firmware conforms to the temperature compensation calculations of SAE ARP 4990.

The EC80 delivers significant improvements in processor speed, flow algorithms and hardware platform with a design that accepts both 4- and 10-ohm pick-offs. It includes dual rotor frequency and RTD temperature sensor inputs for either single or dual rotor turbine flow meters.

The flow computer tracks all variables to compensate for viscosity and rotor blade variations, while enhanced digital signal processing technology enables signal characterization using a 32-bit floating point processor at 150 MHz and process latency of 100 µS.

Linearised frequency output uncertainty is ±0.1% of reading over the repeatable range of the flow meter. Signal conditioning for high sensitivity pick-offs, temperature and flow are performed in a single device – no external amplifiers or other ancillary electronics are required.

The EC80’s graphical interface software allows powerful characterization of process signals, output signals and liquid properties.