Flexible Applications For SCADAPack Controllers By Schneider

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The Schneider Electric SCADAPack controllers combine the monitoring and communications capabilities of RTUs with the processing and data-logging power of PLCs, providing automatic supervision and autonomous control where required.

These controllers are designed for installations ranging from the plant floor to remote environments with extreme temperatures and humidity. The controllers integrate easily with most third party field and networking equipment, and operate under low or restricted power conditions.

Particularly relevant for the Oil and Gas sector, SCADAPack provides a digital oil field solution with Electronic Flow Measurement that tightly integrates with Smart RTU, as well as multi-variable sensor and gas flow computer algorithms and configuration GUIs for Class 1, Division 1 hazardous areas.

With the Realflo gas flow measurement software, SCADAPack Smart RTUs can become fully functional gas flow computers with up to 10 gas flow runs available on selected models. EFM functionality works concurrently with the Smart RTU’s logic code for maximum flexibility.

Smart RTUs also have integrated tools to ensure that remote communication links are not compromised by malicious intent or interference from other communication networks.