Flameproof gas analyser

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The EL3060 gas analyser series incorporates a completely flameproof housing that fulfils all the requirements of Category II 2G and due to its high safety standards can be used in plants with potentially explosive gas atmospheres of Zone 1 and Zone 2.

The series is compactly-built—the paramagnetic oxygen and thermal conductivity analysers have been dramatically reduced in size and can be integrated into the housing of the control unit.

The Infrared Photometer is built into its own flameproof housing, enabling all the options available to be fully utilised.

The paramagnetic oxygen analyser Magnos206, as well as the thermal conductivity analysers Caldos27 and Caldos25, can be combined with the Infrared Photometer Uras26, meaning that it is possible to perform complex monitoring requirements measuring up to five components with one device, using one control unit and one indicating device.

The control unit is equipped with a separate terminal box which is completely protected, enabling safe and easy installation. Customers can connect flexible signal lines for analogue and digital outputs, Profibus or Modbus, as well as status signals, without compromising the hazardous area protection standard.

The multi-lingual, menu-driven operating interface enables the analyser to be operated simply and intuitively. The menu structure is consistent and equivalent to the entire approved EasyLine series with the touch keys actuated through an explosion-proof glass pane. This makes the operation safe and continually reliable without needing the housing to be opened.