Expansion Options Available For NORD Frequency Inverters

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The SK 200E series frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS allow users to select customised solutions with features and costs that are tailored to their specific requirements. 

The modular inverter series is available in size 1 to 4 with a performance between 0.25 and 22 kW, with expansion options including an external braking resistors and a separate 24 V power supply for stand-alone control voltage operation. 

NORD provides I/O modules that allow for the detection and transfer of sensor and actuator signals as well as communication interfaces (with and without I/Os) for CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus, PROFINET and EtherCAT. Interfaces for the Industrial Ethernet standards POWERLINK and EtherNet/IP are under preparation. 

A ParameterBox with a control panel and a plain text display enables control, configuration and diagnostics. It also allows for the direct connection of a PC via a USB port. The "SimpleBox" features a control panel with a four-digit, seven-segment display. In addition to the 24 V power supply for stand-alone operation, NORD also provides the PotiBox with robust controls for clockwise/counterclockwise operation and a set-point potentiometer.