Ethernet motor system

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Schneider Electric’s TeSys T range of motor management and protection systems has been expanded to include Ethernet connectivity.

An advanced, flexible system, the TeSys T already supports communication protocols like DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus DP and CANopen. Now, with Ethernet connectivity, the system gives customers even greater protection and flexibility, while helping reduce the costs associated with maintenance operations.

The TeSys T includes a two-port Ethernet switch and supports Daisy Chain and Ring (Daisy Chain Loop) topologies, so if a network cable is damaged all motor starters can still receive commands via another cable. This means installation downtime can be minimised — an automatic recovery time of less than 500 milliseconds in the case of a bus failure.

Also, the Faulty Device Replacement service means that using configuration software to replace a damaged product is no longer necessary, as the new TeSys T will automatically download the configuration file from the PLC (Programmable Logic Control) once connected to the network.

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