Ethernet communication in future data exchange and process control

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Bestech Australia offers Micro-Epsilon adoptable Ethernet/EtherCAT technologies for a range of sensors (laser, eddy current, capacitive and confocal sensors) applied in control automation and industrial measurement applications.

Ethernet/IP (Ethernet industrial protocol) employs star network technology is a network communication standard capable of large amounts of data exchanging at a speed of 10Mbps or 100Mbps.

An open Ethernet interface enables easy sensor integration to existing systems. Ethernet network technology is valued by its high reliability, high data transmission rates, easy integration with existing networks and low hardware cost as less wiring is required.

The measurement data can be evaluated independent of the location, remote maintenance can be performed on a global basis.

While Ethernet or Ethernet/IP using star topology, it can be replaced by EtherCAT employs a simple line structure or bus which can support any physical topology such as line, tree or star.

EtherCAT for automation technology is often applied as real-time Ethernet fieldbus. Besides high performance, and reduced wiring, EtherCat is high praised due to its flexibility be applied to other fieldbus protocols.