ESD safe LED magnifying lamps

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O.C. White have launched a range of all metal, ESD safe Green-Lite series of LED magnifying lamps. The Green-Lite lamps have clear optical grade 4 Diopter (2x) that meet IPC-A-610E.

The long life, high-output white LEDs are switchable, to allow the choice of lighting angle, and are also dimmable (5% to 100%) with up to 4x the lumen out-put of bulbs and tubes.

Green-Lite lamps have a lower total cost of ownership and the energy efficient LEDs ensure ongoing savings; further enhanced with an auto turn off option at four hours as standard.

There are three sizes available; one rectangular model – 178mm (7”) x 133mm (5.25”) as well as two round models – 190mm (7.5”) diameter and 152mm (6”) diamater. There is also a choice of colours including carbon black, silver, medical white, vibrant red, yellow, green, blue, among others.  These are available with screw-down, table-edge clamp or weighted base fixing.

An ultraviolet / white LED combination rectangular magnifying lamp is also available that allows for three modes of operation: combination, ultraviolet only or white LED only.