Effective on-line condition monitoring for industrial machinery

The vibration sensor of the VV family is a real-time vibration sensor specifically designed to monitor industrial machines under difficult operating conditions. The type VV sensor can detect and alert you to problems before they affect your production availability. The IO-Link technology simplifies the setup and automates monitoring using the industrial network of your plant being either Ethernet, Profinet, Modbus or EtherCat. The continuous monitoring is realised in four categories of machine failure: impact, fatigue, friction and temperature. With the vibration sensor VV you increase the equipment availability, decrease the maintenance costs and ensure the quality of the machine. Raw signal capture for real-time advanced analytics or simple indicators for automated alerts.

Industrial grade machine protection integrates directly into your existing control platform without the need for control cabinets or extensive wiring thanks to IO-Link. This allows the timely and predictable scheduling of maintenance before major damage or failure and production downtime. Machines are continuously and permanently protected unlike intermittent monitoring systems.

The industrial proven IO-Link system simplifies integrating Industry 4.0 technology directly into your existing control platform. Expensive secondary networks, gateways, and IT support is not needed. IO-Link masters send status signals to the controls and has the ability to send calculated and raw vibration signals to higher level systems for advanced analytics.

The vibration sensor internally acquires and analyses various process values that are used to detect machine errors. Critical points such as:

v-RMS (Machine looseness conditions)
Effective value of the vibration velocity, identifies component fatigue.

a-RMS (Machine friction conditions)
Effective value of the acceleration, identifies mechanical rubbing.

a-Peak (Machine impact conditions)
Maximum acceleration, identifies mechanical impacts.

a-Peak/a-RMS, is one of the important measures of overall machine condition.

Identifies a rising temperature caused by excessive friction or other effects (e.g. electrical causes).

Raw data
For detailed analysis or cause analysis in case of damage, the sensor also provides raw data of the acceleration recording. These are issued on request as a BLOB (Binary Large Object) and transmitted using IO-Link. The system can record the operating condition at 4 second intervals and transmit the data during several minutes to higher level systems.

For more information on the IO-Link system visit www.ifm.com/au

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