DIN-rail meters for energy reporting and cost allocation

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Schneider Electric has released the iEM3000, EM3500 and PM3200 series, three-phase, DIN rail-mounted range of energy and power meters suitable for energy reporting, bill validation and cost allocation applications.

The meters vary from basic kWh meters for the most basic applications to advanced power meters capable of network monitoring applications.

The iEM3000 offers  both direct connect and CT-connected meters, basic meters for manual reading, pulse outputs for water, air, gas, electricity, steam (WAGES) applications, and multi-tariff meters with digital inputs, digital outputs and communications, so users can divide consumption over four periods to help discriminate peak and off-peak consumptions, work days and weekends, or different energy sources (i.e., utilities versus generator).

The iEM3000, EM3500 and PM3200 series meters share design features that help save installation time, costs, and space for panel builders. Comb connections and the separation of power and communication connections help increase safety and make wiring simpler for the installer.

When integrated with an Energy Management software like StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0, the meters gather the information necessary for electrical managers to optimise energy consumption in their buildings and enable energy efficient practices for their tenants.